Interlining is a critical element in a garment. Powered by the world-class Interlining technology coupled with deep application expertise, Interlining Solutions from The Ruby Mills are a range of reliable end-to-end offerings.

Ruby Mills Interlining Solutions was launched in the year 1996 in technological association with Gygli Textile AG, Switzerland. Ruby Mills is the only vertically integrated interlining manufacturer in India. This means we have complete quality control from fiber to the finished products. We are the leaders of Micro Dot Fusible Interlining and non-fusible interlining in India.

Product range

HDPE Interlining 1
HDPE Interlining 2

HDPE Interlining

Every garment needs absolutely perfect interlining. Presenting the HDPE range from Ruby Mills. This range comes with an even coat of HDPE on a perfectly even-toned fabric and shrinkage ratios matching the best of fabrics. Provided with expert recommendations on pressure, temperature and time settings as per the shirt core fabric, Ruby HDPE Interlining delivers the perfect look, each time, every time.

HDPE Interlining 3
LDPE Interlining Image 1
LDPE Interlining Image 2

LDPE Interlining

Reaching to the Masters of the craft, the tailoring and the designer community, Ruby LDPE Interlining range comes with a perfectly even LDPE coat which can be applied using an iron at the boutique itself. Perfect in colour consistency and shrinkage, this Interlining will not let you down.

LDPE Interlining Image 3
Basic Image 1
Basic Image 2

Basic Interlining

Basic interlining goes into collars and cuffs has the simplest application process which doesn’t need fusing. Basic interlining from Ruby has the best in class whiteness as well as shrinkage ratio : it simply means best in class reliability. For all garments that do not require fusible interlining.

Basic Image 3


Precuts Image


The perfect cut, now possible, with Ruby Interlining Pre-cuts. Interlining for Cuffs, Collar, Belt Roll and Plackets perfectly pre-cut as per the size requirements and styles. Save time, effort and get perfection in return.

Fragranced Image


The next level in interlining taps the olfactory sense - the sense of smell –with a fresh floral fragrance that can now be inbuilt in the cuff, collars, belt rolls and plackets through our interlining. The fragrance range now comes enriched with stunning fragrances like French Lavender, Exotic Rose and Fresh Lime for that lasting impression.

Powered by the Encapsulation Technology the fragrance beads stay embedded in the interlining and are released on movement. Designed with fragrance strength that’s just right to smell great.

Why choose Ruby Interlining Solutions?

At Ruby, we know that bad quality interlining can seriously damage your garment and your reputation.
Here are a few of the common interlining issues which we can help you resolve:

Problem : Interlining and Shell fabric mismatch.

Results in :
  • Bubble formation.
  • Weak Peel Bond Strength .

While the designer focuses on the look and the hand-feel, wrong interlining can result in defects such as bubbles appearing in collars over time with use, making them shabby-looking and shapeless. These defects cannot be corrected and end up ruining the entire garment.

While selecting the interlining, the thermal shrinkage ratio of shell fabric does not match that of the interlining fabric, then defects such as bubbles will creep in upon washing.

Ruby Mills helps you select the right interlining for your application, by conducting studies at our end.

Problem : Wrong Fusing Conditions.

Results in :
  • Strike-through.
  • Weak Peel Bond Strength
  • Peeling off of Interlining from the shell fabric.
  • Bubble formation.

When the pressure / temperature / time for fusing is higher than recommended, the adhesive slips from the Interlining and settles on the shell fabric. It sometimes, even goes through the shell fabric, known as strike-through. This results in a weak Peel Bond Strength thereby causing bubbles.

When the temperature for fusing is lower than recommended, the adhesive does not melt enough, thereby creating a weak bond with the shell fabric.

If the pressure is not enough or if inadequate time is given to the adhesive to melt and transfer from the Interlining fabric to the shell fabric then the bonding between the two fabrics will be weak.

Ruby Mills guides you through the correct fusing procedure and conditions for each and every of its products.

Problem : Compromised interlining quality.

Results in :
  • Quality Issues.
  • Ruins the entire garment.
  • Negative impact on the brand.

Poor quality interlining fabric, when purchased from low-cost vendors, lead to technical issues in most cases. This ruins the garment and creates a negative impact about the brand in the consumer's mind.